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Find Best Transfer

This function will show you the best providers for your next transaction using your preferred method of payment; it will also show you if an alternative method of payment if it would save you even more on your next money transfer.

You can select whether you want to send a certain amount or if you want your recipient to receive a certain amount. If your recipient lives in a country which allows to receive money in more than one currency, you can specify which currency you want the recipient to receive funds in.

After you click "Submit", look for the output table with best providers available for your next transfer ranked from less to more expensive. By comparing "Margin" of various providers, you can decide if it is worth for you to switch providers. If there is a less expensive way to send money using a different sending or receiving method, you will see a "highlighted" row with that information — by comparing "Margin" of that method vs. what you entered, you can decide if it is worth for you to switch the method of sending and/or receiving money as well.

If you personally used a provider which sends money at a lower cost and it is not in the output table, please submit that information under "Check Last Transfer" — this will help other users to save money on their next transaction, and they will do the same for you.

The output table has the following fields:

  • Provider: company name; clicking on logo takes you to another page where you could read reviews on this provider by other users.
  • To-From method (only appears if you can save more money by using alternative method of sending and/or receiving money vs. what you entered): shows a less expensive method of sending and receiving money in highlighted row(s) and your preferred from-to combination in regular row(s).
  • Total cost: how much money you will need to have upfront (the sending amount plus any applicable fees by a provider).
  • Margin: shows a rough approximation in percentages of what providers charge you on such transaction including any applicable fees and approximate foreign exchange markup.
  • Received: how much money your recipient will receive.
  • Duration (hours): expected time, in hours, before funds will become available to your recipient.
  • Service quality: aggregated feedback on this provider by users like you by clicking on "stars" takes you to another page where you could read reviews on this provider by other users.

Check Last Transfer

This function will tell you if you could have saved money on your last transaction with a different provider or a different payment method. Complete each field as accurately as possible — if you are unsure, please check your records and ask your money recipient for details. After you click "Submit for Analysis", look for the savings number or confirmation that you already used the best approach for sending money.

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