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User reviews:

Raiting 2/5:
Money sent: Sep 30, 2016
I think the ICICI exchange rate is comparatively lower. No clear indication whether money reached India or not.
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Dec 04, 2015
ICICI website is not very modern or user friendly. Keeps making me reset my password many times. For some reason their same day transfer option is not always available but when it is available it works. Usually it takes 5 business days for money to be available in India, but their currency conversion rates are good and commission is very low (less than $3)
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Oct 21, 2015
ICICI is a secure bank for sending money to India, but a transfer can some time take more time. It took 2 days on my last transfer
Raiting 1/5:
Money sent: Dec 16, 2014
My interaction with ICICI bank was very bad. My money were lost and they were not proactive. I had to call and chase them multiple times. ICICI website doesn't have useful information. Do no use this bank