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User reviews:

Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Sep 28, 2016
IndusInd has excellent fixed rate for India from the US. Funds arrived in 2 days
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Aug 22, 2015
Funds delivery with IndusInd Bank for India has taken 5 days. I like it because IndusInd is reliable and offers locked price
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Jan 07, 2015
For sending money to India, always higher rate than ICICI or Xoom. But money could take a week to arrive and customer service is sometimes rude.
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Jan 06, 2015
My experience with IndusInd bank for money transfer to India is very good. They have the best rate comparing to other providers, much higher than Xoom. Customer service is also very responded well. The only bad thing is money can take long time to arrive, but I am now used to it. I appreciate that IndusInd bank provides such good help for us here when we need to send money home