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Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Jun 14, 2019
Súper bien
Raiting 1/5:
Money sent: May 03, 2017
I tried to send money in China. The list of the Moneygram agents is FAKE. At those locations where my friend went did even not know WHAT IS MONEYGRAM....I cannot believe it! When finally found one who said that knows, they asked the person to FIRST OPEN AN ACCOUNT with them ! It is like a BLACK HOLE...I will never do it!
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Jan 15, 2016
Much better than Xoom! I finally decided to use MoneyGram for money transfer to India - the exchange rate was super and money arrived in 3 hours!
Raiting 4/5:
Money sent: May 30, 2015
Moneygram is very fast. You'll receive your reference number in minutes and guaranteed the receiving party will get it in 10 minutes, but the exchange rate value to Philippines is a bit low compared to Ria.
Raiting 4/5:
Money sent: Apr 06, 2015
Used MoneyGram to send small amount of cash to India to a bank account. Good feedback overall
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Feb 27, 2015
Last week, I needed to send money to my uncle in India. He doesn't have a bank account, so I went to Moneygram which had better exchange rate than Western Union. They charged me $11 fee for transfer, but money arrived in 30 minutes
Raiting 2/5:
Money sent: Feb 16, 2015
Helped my mom to setup her first online transaction with MoneyGram. It was a bit confusing but we got it done - rates were ok
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Feb 11, 2015
Moneygram office is in my apartment building. I use them a lot for sending quick cash to my family. More expensive but quick