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Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Nov 24, 2015
If you transfer money to Philippines, I wouldn't recommend using PNB. It is expensive and slow, money were in transit for 2 days
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Feb 27, 2015
My husband suggested that we try to transfer money to Philippines with PNB. I like them a lot. Their exchange rates are high and service is very convenient. My aunt in Philippines has a PNB branch next to her house, so it works out conveniently for her. Also glad to help Philippines kong mahal!
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Feb 16, 2015
I have been using PNB for couple years. Good service. Rates not always the best, but not too bad.
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Feb 12, 2015
PNB has good website and good customer service. Their rates and fees are also good.