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User reviews:

Raiting 4/5:
Money sent: Sep 25, 2016
Just sent money to Philippines and went with Value+ choice. Chose Transfast as that was the top recommendation on assuming an exchange rate of 48.26, the margin comes out to 3.2%. Transaction took 3 days
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Aug 18, 2016
Transfast is good for sending money to India but got delay - took 7 days for transfer to arrive
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Feb 08, 2016
Disappointed with Transfast - they advertise high exchange rate for India, but this rate is only for the first time transfer, and money arrives in 5 days.
Raiting 1/5:
Money sent: Feb 06, 2016
Transfast is the worst money transfer I've ever used. They hold the money from USA to India for weeks in the name of fraud protection asking different documents one by one after 2 days of submission of the previous document. They don't respond if they need anymore documents upfront. Also my email goes unanswered for 2 days before asking for the next document. My transaction is still pending after about 18 days.
Raiting 1/5:
Money sent: Feb 01, 2016
Very bad service! Don't use Transfast for money transfers to India - takes 8 days!
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Dec 05, 2015
Never had any problems with transfers to India using Transfast. Last time, money arrived in 5 days
Raiting 1/5:
Money sent: Nov 18, 2015
Transfast has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I initiated a money transfer to China that was supposed to take 4 days. On the last day I received email stating transfer was cancelled. No indication of why or for what reason. Calling customer support only resulted in email address I could inquire to. No response from email. Tried Live Chat on website, they said they would go up the chain and get a resolution within 24hours. Never heard back. Just called again & no explanation
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Mar 02, 2015
I received an online promotion from Transfast fro transfer to India without fees. Money got to India fast, but the exchange rate was quite low.
Raiting 4/5:
Money sent: Feb 16, 2015
TransFast offers a lot of cash pickup options in the philippines. Fees are ok, but not the best. Other agents have lower rates but no branches where my grandma lives