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Raiting 1/5:
Money sent: Dec 09, 2018
I just did a test comparison. A year ago or so, Transferwise boasted about fee reductions but, some areas actually saw an increase. That increase affected xfers to China & were excessive & absolutely unfair. $1000 to China can be done by Walmart for $8 & recipient receives in 1 hour often times less. If Walmart can do that, Transferwise's increase becomes rather insulting
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: May 17, 2018
Sending money to Mexico with TransferWise is fast, takes 2 days, and reliable
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Jun 29, 2017
Lowest cost to Philippines with Transferwise, highest converted equivalent
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Dec 24, 2015
Very fast with TransferWise! In 1 hour funds arrived in Philippines
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Jun 14, 2015
I just sent money to India with TransferWise for the first time. Funds arrived in 2 days and first transfer is free
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Apr 30, 2015
I tried TransferWise for sending money to India. Took longer than I expected - 4 days before money arrived - but liked them overall
Raiting 5/5:
Money sent: Apr 08, 2015
Used TransferWise to send money to India. Funds arrived in 1 day. TransferWise has the best service
Raiting 4/5:
Money sent: Feb 17, 2015
Transferwise is really excellent except that it took almost a week to get money. But their prices cannot be beat. Easy website too
Raiting 3/5:
Money sent: Feb 16, 2015
My friend told me about TransferWise in early January. I saw their crazy commercial on YouTube but wanted to try it anyway for a small amount. They don't charge extra for currency and $3 fee was ok
Raiting 4/5:
Money sent: Mar 12, 0018
Have been using TransferWise for sending money to Mexico since October of 2017, and have been very happy with the transactions. Although they may take 2-3 days to arrive, they do so without a hitch. once called customer service and spoke with someone in Poland who spoke perfect English, and was very informative. I just wish they were faster in their deliveries.